Welcome to Atkins & Associates

A home makes a unique statement about the family who lives there. We feel the more we allow people to express themselves the more likely they are to turn the houses we build into homes. Décor and aesthetics are how our customers find their expression and we build it into their home. Years of experience, using quality materials and knowing how to best use those materials are how we express ourselves.

Atkins & Associates Homebuilders will work with any client to customize one of our various house-plans or our architect can assist in the plan and design of the client's dream home. We initially meet at the home site to discuss how the home orients to the surroundings to ensure beautiful vistas and proper use of the hardscape and existing natural landscapes.

Once construction has begun, we regularly meet at the home site to discuss the exterior selections and infrastructure. After that, the client may begin to add their personal touches to truly "express" their individual style and taste.

We have successfully built many homes in various parts of Williamson County, TN, ranging in price from the high $200's to almost $2 million dollars. We firmly believe quality begins with the people we work with building the client's home from ground up. With exceptional communication and the proper systems we have in place, we can make anyone's dream home a reality.